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I'm an artist of many trades, master of some. After getting degrees in both music and molecular biology, I went on to work in restaurants to pursue my love of culinary arts. After quitting restaurants, I was recruited to work at a biotech company, where I stayed for several years while also running a vegan bakery on the side and performing keyboards with a couple of local rock bands. It was during this time that I developed a passion for costume design, with an emphasis on stage performance and audio-visual integration.

I currently focus my artistic efforts on sustainable arts, particularly wearable art and stage fashion. In addition to making wearable art, I like to write music and poetry. For poetry, watch my poetry reading livestream here. (My YouTube channel also has various art and other tutorials.) As for music, my latest album was released in November 2023. You can listen to my music on Spotify or YouTube and purchase it on Bandcamp.

To see my most current art and life updates, check out my Instragram. Yes, it's social media, but all the kids use it these days, so I post there more often than I update my website.



M.S. in Molecular Biology

UC San Diego

I did my thesis on the phylogenetics of marine cyanobacteria. On paper, my lab was trying to cure cancer, or something. Anyway, I got a degree out of it, so I guess that's cool.

B.A. in Music: Piano Performance

UC San Diego

I did double major in college in order to get free piano lessons. I don't think that getting a degree really proves anything, but now I have one in music.

Minor in East Asian Arts

UC San Diego

I took a bunch of classes on East Asian arts, culture, politics, philosophy, and religion. Does that make me qualified to do anything? Probably not. But now I know stuff! Also, I went to China for a few weeks to play music with monks in the Wudang Mountains. That was the highlight of my college education.

Chamber Music Study

San Francisco Conservatory of Music

I went to a posh conservatory to learn how to make music with other people. Chamber music is huge fun! It's like being in a rock band ... except that everyone practices their part before the first rehearsal, and the audience stays quiet when we perform.



2020 - Present

I was born an artist, but I can't really claim on that, so let's say my official start was during the pandemic when I decided to do this stuff full-time.

Art Instructor

2016 - Present

I've actually been teaching art classes since I was in 6th grade! My first teaching job was as a junior painting instructor for a summer camp. I started giving private sewing lessons in 2016. In 2018-2019 I taught Cosplay Arts at a high school. I currently offer workshops and private lessons for sewing, painting, and other crafts.


1995 - Present

In my youth, I was a competitive pianist and took home many a medal. Nowadays I make music for fun, under the stage name A Stray Catalyst. I also have about 10 years of piano teaching experience. As of 2023, I am a volunteer conductor of a community choir.

Baker & Pastry Chef

2010 - 2020

My first job out of college was baking baguettes at a gastropub. In 2012, I opened Saki's Bakery, which specialized in gluten-free and vegan goods. I closed the bakery in 2020 due to the pandemic but I still bake for fun.


2012 - 2019

Okay, I guess since this is my resume, I should mention that I worked in biotech for a good chunk of my life. It's a thing I did.