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I'm an artist of many trades, master of some. After getting degrees in both music and molecular biology, I went on to work in restaurants to pursue a love of culinary arts. After quitting restaurants, I was recruited to work at a biotech company, where I stayed for several years while also running a vegan bakery and performing keyboards with a couple of local rock bands. It was during this time that I developed a passion for costume design, with an emphasis on stage performance and audio-visual integration.

I currently focus my artistic efforts on sustainable arts, particularly wearable art and stage fashion. You can check out my recent art installation here: https://oma-online.org/saki/. The exhibition ended in January 2022, but the individual pieces are touring at various museums nationwide. I also work with a team of models (including me) who do gala night events and such (see gallery). If you want to book me, shoot me an email!

In addition to wearable art, I like to write music and poetry. I released my first solo album in 2020 and my latest album release will be in November 2023. You can find my music here: https://astraycatalyst.bandcamp.com

To see my most current art and life updates, check out my Instragram. Yes, it's social media, but all the kids use it these days, so I post there more often than I update my website.



M.S. in Molecular Biology

UC San Diego

I did my thesis on the phylogenetics of marine cyanobacteria. On paper, my lab was trying to cure cancer, or something. Anyway, I got a degree out of it, so I guess that's cool.

B.A. in Music: Piano Performance

UC San Diego

I did double major in college in order to get free piano lessons. I don't think that getting a degree really proves anything, but now I have one in music.

Minor in East Asian Arts

UC San Diego

I took a bunch of classes on East Asian arts, culture, politics, philosophy, and religion. Does that make me qualified to do anything? Probably not. But now I know stuff! Also, I went to China for a few weeks to play music with monks in the Wudang Mountains. That was the highlight of my college education.

Chamber Music Study

San Francisco Conservatory of Music

I went to a posh conservatory to learn how to make music with other people. Chamber music is huge fun! It's like being in a rock band ... except that everyone practices their part before the first rehearsal, and the audience stays quiet when we perform.


Art Instructor

2016 - Present

Fusion Academy 2018 - 2019

I've actually been teaching art classes since I was in 6th grade! My first teaching job was as a junior painting instructor for a summer camp. I started giving private sewing lessons in 2016. For a short while, I taught Cosplay Arts at Fusion Academy. I currently offer workshops and private lessons for sewing, painting, and other crafts.


1995 - Present

In my youth, I was a competitive pianist and took home many a medal. Nowadays I make music for fun. I teach music lessons (mainly piano), and I also write and record stuff.

Pastry Chef

2010 - 2020

My first job out of college was baking baguettes at a gastropub. In 2012, I opened Saki's Bakery, which specializes in gluten-free and vegan goods. I closed the bakery in 2020 due to the pandemic but I still bake for fun. I currently bake sourdough for a restaurant once a week.


2012 - 2019

Okay, I guess since this is my resume, I should mention that I worked in biotech for a good chunk of my life. It's a thing I did.